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Cause of Death: Orphan Black Premiere

Mean Clones: Who is Delphine Cormier?



Minta orphan black hiradameirin

fadegently yes maaaaaaaaaam


Even I’m tired of Neverland… Once Upon a Time is still the show with coolest ship names ever, i mean….

Swan Queen

Red Beauty

Sleeping Warrior

Mad Swan

Wooden Swan

Outlaw Queen

Evil Charmig

Red Snow

Jolly Roger…no wait!!

except Red is attractive as hell, unlike the beast

except Red is attractive as hell, unlike the beast


Once Upon a Time: the story of how Snow White’s daughter fell in love with Captain Hook, Belle fell in love with Rumpelstiltskin, Mulan fell in love with Sleeping Beauty, and the fans fell in love with Peter Pan.

Hey, HBO… Why don’t you buy Once Upon A Time, uh? It would make everyone’s life easier.


Sky Witch is being played during CN’s Valentines day special

They are just not even trying to hide it anymore


Cophine AU - Imagination 25/?

This story is based on a fanfiction called «Cophine Not-Drabble» written by morningmightcomebyaccident. If you have not read it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s really great.

Here is the chapter where the above conversation took place: x

Thank you morningmightcomebyaccident for letting me use your story.


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two rapunzels?!

"once upon a time" is getting rapunzel, and she’s so gorgeous!!! and rapunzel thinks so too. they’re fangirling each other here. :) for today’s sketch_dailies theme…

Fan art of @orphanblack

Fan art of @orphanblack


doodling and searching with Galeria acrylic and Posca marker